I busted Kat’s Bubble

Out on a routine shopping trip the other day with my partner in crime, Kat Alderson, we landed at Monso. While I was scouting for goodies, she noticed a gacha machine that had the cutest wearable speech bubbles. Despite my trying to stay away (far away…

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Hair: Chibi Flaming Cherry – Wasabi Pills Dress: Rif Ruffle Redpolka – RIR Life Cake: Strawberry pie – poche

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Happy Emo Sunset

Styling CreditsClothesDress ~ Lavarock ~ Black Cross Tank ~ Group GiftBoots ~ Allure ~ Devious Knee Boots ~ Group GiftAccessoriesLip Piercing ~ Ellabella ~ Pomme Lip Ring ~ AOME Hunt GiftHairband ~ LaNoir Soleil ~ Care’s Flowers ~ Gallery GiftNecklace …

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If I had a boat, I would sail to you… hold you in my arms, ask you to be true

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Another pose prop from Hospcotch for The Pose Fair. They are just killing it with poses! This gorgeous boat comes with ten poses, some single and some for couples. It also comes with the lanterns you see! Beautiful work!xo,Sophia Harlow*{Junbug}* Miss …

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I am not basic, neither are you.

  “Basic bitch” has become the insult du jour, which under the common usage of “basic” makes the insult and those who use it basic. Would that make it basic squared?  Lots of insults come and go, but this one strikes me as particularly malignant and shallow. If you are lucky enough to have no […]

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The Resentful Housewife

On 23rd April 2014 · By Harlow · With No comments
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So last night I’m all cozy in my bed, getting my daily blog fix, when I happen across Strawberry Singh’s most recent post. When I saw it, I audibly yelled […]

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The mage

Some more previews from the upcoming Fantasy Gacha Carnival (opening on 1 May).  Love this asymmetric cloak from {aii} – it goes perfectly with this brand new braid hairstyle from Truth also!

The gown is from Circe, and the gacha prizes also include separate mesh sleeves for this gown (or any other sleeveless dresses lurking in your inventory).

The skin is from Bite & Claw. Noeme comes in a range of different tones, with and without scales,  but I’ve stayed human here with the natural tone. I’m wearing a war paint tattoo from <Kun> on top.

The necklace is the ultra rare Celtic flask from Velvet Whip, while the bracelet is the rare armwrap from Frogstar.  The beaded belt comes from Tiar and is the ultra rare texture change version of the price (the gacha also contains beaded circlets).
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Let’s Go

I miss the days when I would get off work and come home and GET READY TO GO OUT. It was exciting, that my day was getting ready to get started at 6pm and the night was ahead. Makeup, hair and nails would be freshened up as we headed out into the adventure of the […]

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Sn@tch Spring Sale!!!

It is time to snatch up some savings at the Sn@tch Spri […]

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Post #579 THE 100 BLOCK

Hair: [CheerNo] Hair_Enzo_Dark 3.4 Sunglasses: [ D I R V A L ] Sunglasses Race Ear Gauges: [BU] Black Gauge Facial Hair: Clef de Peau – Mustache Facial Hair: {Fe Style} Facial Hair 5ED – 2 – Dark Cigarette: [NikotiN] Joint_Premium (v.4.0) Jacket: [R3] – Natan Jacket [V3] | THE 100 BLOCK Baggy: .twenty13. Mesh Unisex Baggy Sweats – Bleak | […]

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WoW Skin Clearance Sale!

WoW Skins is clearing out some skins by having a Cleara […]

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May Group Gift ~ Kakia ~ InWorldz

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YEPS, it’s that time again. Everything in the main store is marked wayyy down through this weekend so now’s the chance to get some NEW Sn@tch stuff for the lowest prices! Also a New Special Today and New Riots! Come over soooon! And here’s the Sn@…

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Catching Up

Skin: Zoul Creations – Cara – Tone 1 – Dk Brows – cl Makeup: Zoul Creations – Cara – Eyeshadow 02 [PF] Classic Lipstick – Pin Up Red (teeth) Hair: . Liquence . – F7 in Genetics Headband: MONS / Hippie Chain Headband – stone (black) Jumpsuit: Miamai_Bianka Pattern Black Bag: ANE Blair Bag – […]

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So I’m thrilled to tell you that one of my favorite stores is back in world & making new items.  OMGWTF Barbeque, has reopened her store This is a Fawn, […]

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Shooting Stars Cannot Fix The World

Ohai! I love Zaara. The store I mean. Well, I kinda like the person too but this is mainly about the store because there has been a new release..yay! I have been a massive fan of Zaara’s textures for years now and I every time she releases it’s always the colours that make me drool […]

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On the Go — From DOPE Fashion Week -vibe-, [CA], and From the Cosmetics Fair blackLiquid

I went over to Image Essentials Props and Poses early in the day or late in the night. Which one is it, if it’s 2 a.m. but you haven’t slept yet? I love going over there because Kay Weston set out to create a whole sim suited to photography and art, and put her touch on so many little mini-settings. I go over there from time to time just to see what’s new.

When I pan back on a shot, it’s because I just feel the energy and warmth of a place I visit, and want to show more than just a girl in a dress and leggins. There’s something special about tapping into one another’s imaginations. I get to dip into hers, and when I put on designs from people around the grid, I get to dip into theirs as well.

DOPE Fashion week is now at it’s midway point. I’ve showed a few items and have a few more I hope to get out before it ends this weekend. It’s great because its for Urban Wear and it’s a theme I don’t do a lot with otherwise. When I get a few pieces, from those who are participating, I’ve had fun pushing the envelope, and pushing myself just a smidge as well.

I don’t think any of us would enjoy life if we found ourselves living in a rut. I cannot stand boredom. I think it’s a cardinal sin, if there is such thing as a cardinal sin. The moment I even think I’m in a rut, I’m rushing around in my head to find something fresh, some new direction, and of course, always a new way t (Read more...)

igotdressed 2014-04-23 14:25:57

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suit -David Heather-Souris Outfit NEW @ MENS WEAR FASHION WEEK STARTS APRIL 25TH

hat JfL Kufi hat V.2

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-Labyrinth– Spear Skin (Med) – The Fuzz+HB – TMD.Renegade. Triple Command Necklace. Silver – Kustom9/ XIAJ / Grunge Ashford Tees @ Kustom9MC Fashion – Pants – April Male Gift

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Sometimes an Aunt and Uncle are tasked with babysitting for a weekend. This weekend was one of those weekends, and our niece Livvie was dropped off by her parents on Friday for us to watch. I had plans for a girls night out so Livvie was hanging out wi…

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Getting ready I
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