Introducing Treasure Chest!

Treasure Chest is Second Life’s first subscription box for roleplayers with a fantasy, steampunk, post apocalyptic and sci-fi theme! It will feature between 12 and 15 of SL’s best designers producing exclusive, entirely original, high quality products each month available only through the chest. Signups can be made via the Treasure Chest SL group between 1st and 14th of the month for L$1500. Each months chest will release on the 15th. Signup will remain open at L$3000 after chest reveal until the 26th. Old chests will then be available for a year for direct purchase at the Treasure Chest HQ. Die-hard roleplayers, make sure you don’t miss this month’s box! Treasure Chest Blog

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October’s Mix is here!

On 1st October 2016 · By Connie Stratten · With No comments
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It’s time for another hop around to check out the surprises that Mix has for you! This month is full of exclusives and discounts so make sure you check the participating stores and grab everything that catches your eye. You have time until the end of the month! Connie Mix blog Join the Mix group to get the shopping HUD

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It’s BeBe Bundle time!

If you haven’t done it yet, you will want to join this group ASAP to receive your monthly BeBe Bundle! You’ll get a surprise box full of exclusive items from kid designers made specifically for you. You have time to join until October 14th, because the bundle will be delivered on October 15th! Mark your calendar so you don’t miss it! Connie Teleport here to join the BeBe Bundle group BeBe Bundle Blog

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[Fetch] Moving Sale

On 1st October 2016 · By Connie Stratten · With No comments
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Make the most of this Sixty Linden Weekend!

A new round of Sixty Linden Weekends is here to help you spend your lindens wisely! Just pick the notecard from notices and get moving because the regular prices will be back by Monday! Connie Sixty Linden Weekends Photos Sixty Linden Weekends Flickr

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The Hallows Gacha Guild

Sip on that apple cider and teleport on over to a Gacha festivity you will not want to miss. The Gacha Guild Hallows 2016 is officially open. This event is packed with 34 creators of various backgrounds. The Hallows will end on October 31st. If you have that gacha itch this may be just the event to visit before it is too late.
♔ Alice Teleport to Gacha Guild – The Hallows The Gacha Guild’s Blog    

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October Luxe Box is Here!

This is Halloween, everybody make a scream for the October Luxe Box. The fresh smell of fall leaves are in the air and it is time for you to get this box before it is too late. The October box is available until October 14th, you can join the group for 1,500L. On October 15th, you will be surprised with some exclusive items from 12 of your favorite designers. Miss joining the group before the 14th? Group membership will remain open for exactly 24 hours for the raised price of 3,000L for last chance opportunity to join and receive the October box. If you missed previous boxes, don’t worry, you can still buy them, just make sure you are in the group and pay the 2,000L fee per box. ♔ Alice Teleport to Luxe Box Join the Luxe Box Group Luxe Box Blog  

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30L Saturday is back at it!

With these deals there’s no need to worry about the price tag! You have 24 hours to grab these fantastic items so don’t even blink, get going now! Connie Teleport to Whatz

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Hello Dave – Halloween Hunt

Attention ladies of Second Life. Who loves some nice looking nails? Who loves free things? I sure do love both and I am sure you do too. The Hello Dave Halloween Hunt is here and it ends on October 31st. You can snag up to 13 exclusive nail applier palettes for free. That’s right, free! This Halloween hunt is a must do whenever you have some free time in world. Don’t be shy. Ready, set and hunt away. ♔ Alice Teleport to Hello Dave Halloween Hunt    

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ATP Events is Terrifyingly Terrific!

It’s October and what does that mean?! It means ATP events is bringing us a spooky new Halloween themed round with a fantastic scary build! Come wander these dark streets and shop for costumes, candy, decor, and more! Bring your treat bag too, each shop has a free gift for you to grab! Hurry, the event ends October 25th! Indigo Teleport to ATP Events MIA: Baby Girl, Bubblegums, Elegant Environs, Kitten Kisses, Lil Scamps, Lilla’s, Monster Baby, Spoiled One, and Sugarhaii. <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——–>

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“The Boulevard of Broken Dreams: I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies…”

So I’m reading clips from the first presidential debate, and it’s scary. Typically, I vote Democrat, but I am not opposed to voting outside of my selected party. Considering I’m not well versed in politics, I’m not trying to start a fight, but oh my gosh…if one was going strictly by that debate, America only has one reasonable choice, and that’s the scary part. When I first heard of Donald Trump’s plans to run for president, I told my hubby we had to get ready to vote for either Hilary Clinton or Trump in the end. Seriously, lol, I thought there was a secret campaign in that there was no campaign. Instead, Trump would be a hot mess, and there was no other choice but to vote Clinton, but the government was in on it. I know social media is a mainstay, so I can appreciate candidates using it as a platform, but damn, can you imagine if Trump was president and one of his Twitter wars led to World War III? Okay, that probably wouldn’t happen lol, but who knows anymore.… Read the restboulevard-of-broken-dreams

Melisandre Shamed!

Shoes - Hocus Platform Heels from Reign (coming tonight to Salem)Choker - Melisandre Choker from Foxy
(coming tonight to Salem)Hair - Melisandre Hair from Foxy (coming tonight to Salem)Skin - Jordan Applier from Belleza
Decor Mirror - Looking Glass from Anc Ltd
(coming tonight to Salem)Cobweb - Starlit Spiderweb from Half-Deer
(coming tonight to Salem)Candles - The Witching Hour Candle Tree from MadPea
(coming tonight to Salem)Spyro-Thingie - Old Magic from Aisling
(coming tonight to Salem)Pose -  The Shame Stand from Artis (Expose)

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Help Me

“Oh Mary, Mary” “To be this young is oh so scary.” “Mary, Mary” “To be this young i’m oh so scared.” “I wanna live, I wanna love.” “But its a long hard road, out of hell.” “I wanna live, I wanna love.” “But its a long hard road, OUT OF HELL!” I had the pleasure…Read more Help Me

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Virtual Gamer

“Photography is a kind of virtual reality, and it helps if you can create the illusion of being in an interesting world.” —Steven Pinker         Hair: Doe – Chlo [Neons] Lipstick: a.e.meth – Sultry Lipstick   Outfit: Sn@tch – Gamer Gurlz Outfit [comes with headgear] Sneakers: Sn@tch – Street Hi-Tops Socks: Vale…Read more Virtual Gamer

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¬ Illusion ¬

poses-ROQUAIs Ronit BaRanGa ((NEW))hair-[Mello] Cute Salad Gacha  @SaNaRae ((NEW))
bow, head piece, tongue and geta- Tamagosenbei  @The Nightmare  ((NEW))
eyes, tears & makeup- {Loss} tears&eyes INK .::Cubic Cherry::.  @The Nightmare  ((NEW))
earrings-.:Soul:. Earrings - Spooder @The Nightmare  ((NEW))
stitches & choker- Quirky - Keep it Together - ALL THE THINGS @The Nightmare  ((NEW))
tshirt & skirt- -Pixicat- Seoul.Set @SaNaRae ((NEW))
tattoo-**UrbanStreet** Curious Paint Gacha @The Nightmare  ((NEW))
doll- *katat0nik* Tendril Kitty Gacha  @SaNaRae ((NEW))
rats-Schadenfreude Lab Rats&Cheese Snack @The Nightmare  ((NEW))
bag-+XAnSA+ A Dino Story Backpack  - Stego Black ((NEW))
trees-Rekt Halloween Tree @The Nightmare  ((NEW))
spiders-.:Soul:.… Read the rest

Post #1006 C L A Vv.

Hat: -David Heather-  Audran Brim Hat/Black Skin/Applier: -Labyrinth- Russell Omega Skin Appliers | N E W Mustache: No.MINAL – King Moustache DarkBrown Blazer: -David Heather-  Seventeen Blazer/Black Shirt: -David Heather-  Seventeen Buttondown/White Wings: C L A Vv. Battle of the Birds – Majestic Wings Black RARE | Arcade Gacha Necklace: ISON – bull bolo tie (black) […]

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On 30th September 2016 · By Danielle Livadi · With No comments
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Hair    enVOGUE - HAIR Sabrina

Head  [AK] Gigi' Mesh Head Vers. 1.3

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College Study Time

I’m behind on several posts and I’ll be trying to catch up on them while I’m still on hiatus. So don’t expect anything really in detail and so forth.  Short and sweet! Enjoy     Hair: Doe – Miffy (Two-Tone) – Reds Head: Catwa – Ashanty Head Applier: Lumae – Fae – Cinnamon Bare Eyes:…Read more College Study Time

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Get That Fall Feeling at The Project Se7en!

The Project Se7en is back with a gorgeous build that just screams fall! As usual it’s packed with amazing designers bringing us their beautiful items! Whether you are looking for a new autumn dress, a hair style, or some fine home decor you can find it here! Come on over soon, the event closes October 30th! ❤ Indigo and Cherries Teleport to The Project Se7en MIA: Axix, Eye Candy, Gabriel, Love Hair, Miwa’s Airship, Nomore, Offbeat, Sahara’s, and Speakeasy. <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——–> Note: Any store listed as MIA either (1) did not have exclusive items clearly marked and/or able to be purchased, (2) was not completely set up; or (3) was absent at the time of the event opening at 12:00 PM on 9/30/16. We try to cover any changes or additions after the time of designer set up, however due to other commitments, we are often unable to do so. Thank you for your understanding! ♥

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Be Shamed at Expose!

Expose is bringing out your shameful side with a fabulous round full of awesome poses and props to help you create awesome pictures!  Be sure you don’t miss it or you really will be shamed!!!  You have until October 27th, so what are you waiting for! ╰ ☆ ╮ Jordy Teleport to Expose < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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